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Portfolio Proportion Notes
Axis Liquid Fund (G) – Direct Plan 40%
UTI Liquid Cash Plan (G) – Direct Plan 30% To make your life easy, we have sliced and diced Prime Portfolios based on four different parameters - your need (income, growth etc), time frame (your investment horizon), your
Aditya Birla Sun Life Floating Rate (G)- Direct Plan 30%

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  • To make your life easy, we have sliced and diced Prime Portfolios based on four different parameters – your need (income, growth etc), time frame (your investment horizon), your aspiration (vacation, child’s degree, retirement etc) and life situation (single, married, retired etc) .
  • Browse through the portfolios in each category to pick the classification/portfolios that suit you .
  • Please note that you need to choose the growth option for all the portfolios.
  • Your horizon is key to assessing the kind of products you own and risks you take. That’s why some portfolios come with a minimum time frame condition.  
  • Most of these portfolios are diversified across multiple products. Given that most fund houses set minimum subscription limits, to mimic our portfolio weights, for a lump sum investment, you may need at least Rs 20,000 and for a SIP, you may need Rs 5000. 
  • If you have a lower sum to invest, no worries. You can do one of the following. One, you choose fewer funds using our Prime Funds, while mirroring our asset allocation. Two, you can drop an equity fund and spread the sum amongst the other equity funds so that your allocation remains the same. 
  • If a fund’s performance slips or it gets riskier, we will be replacing it across our portfolios to protect your returns. This will be done, where needed, in our quarterly review. While acting on these calls, do make sure your keep the tax implications in mind. For example, if you are yet to cross the 1-year mark or are running an STP in a fund, then it is best to stop the STP or SIP until the exit load period or higher tax rate period is over, before acting on any switches/exit we recommend. 
  • When you choose one of our portfolios, do opt for our ‘Follow’ feature to receive alerts on our periodic reviews/changes we make to portfolios in your inbox.  This is critical to ensure that your portfolio is on track. 
  • Please note that we do not provide a transaction platform. You can use Prime Portfolios to buy, sell investments on any platform or medium (online/offline) of your choice.
  • You can choose the direct or regular option to invest in the funds. The portfolios remain the same for both options.

Disclaimer: Prime portfolios have been built for specific needs, keeping in mind the risk suitable for the given time frame and goals. The underlying funds have been chosen based on their performance, risk metrics, their portfolio quality and potential. Your own risk appetite, timeframe, goal, and your existing portfolio make-up are factors you need to consider before making the investment choices. PrimeInvestor is a SEBI-registered research analyst firm

General disclosures and disclaimers

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