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Tax saving 

Tax-saving portfolio

Want to minimise the taxman’s bite this year? Here are investments that will do the trick and leave some money in your pocket.


Income and Growth Portfolio

You need regular cash flows and yet can’t give up on growing your capital. Here’s a solution to help with your twin goals.

Rupee notes & coins

Regular Income portfolio

Getting a regular income stream with limited risk is your top priority. Use our combo of deposits and low-risk debt funds to meet that need.

Recommendations across products


Best Mutual funds

Researched list of top-quality funds across categories


Best Fixed Deposits

Curated list of fixed deposits for returns with lower risk.

Prime ETFs

Top ETFs

Researched list of unique ETFs for passive investing.

Portfolio review

PrimeInvestor Mutual fund Review Tool

Prime Review is our mutual fund review tool that tells you about our views on the funds you may hold. Buy or hold or sell the fund – this is the response you will receive on choosing funds you wish to be reviewed. Know that our view on the fund is based on its performance, as well as the qualitative metrics we consider.

Funds for thematic investing

Income generation 

Theme - Financials

Backbone of the economy, the stock market, and your investments. A healthy financial system ensures the health of the economy and a great economy has a vibrant financial system.


Strategy - Bluechip bonds

Not ready for risks? Then stick with safety for steady returns. To blend both tax benefits and low-risk steady returns, a debt fund that necessarily sticks to AAA papers is the answer.

A sample of top articles from our experts

Mutual funds & ETFs

Prime Views: What should you do with your investments now?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received several questions from you on performance of the funds you hold, and what the course of action should be. In both debt and equity, recent returns have given enough cause for worry. So we’re listing out various categories of investments you may holding which are seeing volatility, and what you should do about them.

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In emergencies, liquidity is king

The COVID-19 outbreak in India is wreaking unforeseen damage on household finances by leading to runaway expenses, interrupted incomes and a heightened risk of job losses. This has served to underline that an emergency or contingency fund should be the starting point of any financial planning exercise. But how large should this contingency fund be and where should it be invested? This crisis offers a few lessons.

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Mutual funds & ETFs

Prime Views: Why are liquid fund returns falling and where should you invest?

In tough times such as this, it is hard to see your investment value dwindling. And when that happens to your debt funds, it is even harder. We’ve had quite a few queries on whether it is safe now to park money in liquid funds and very short duration funds and whether it should be withdrawn.

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