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Trial period
Full subscription
Ready-to-use portfolios
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All 20 portfolios
List of best mutual funds
6 of 46 funds
All 46 funds
List of best fixed deposits
1 out of 4 tenures
All 4 tenures
List of top ETFs
2 out of 8 tenures
All 8 recommended ETFs
Choices for thematic investing
2 out of 10
All 10 themes and strategies
Research updates
Not available
Fully available
Mutual fund review tool
Available for 14 days
Fully available
Premium articles
Available for 14 days
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Mutual fund ratings

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Mandar Diwakar
Mandar Diwakar@MandarDiwakar
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Wish you all the very best. You are doing a great job of educating and guiding "do it yourself" investors like me. I feel proud to be a primeinvestor subscriber.
Sriram Murthy
Sriram Murthy@sriramaussie
Read More
I subscribed and must say it's one of the best... @srikan2 and @AaratiKrishnan I have been following in various platforms like naanayam vikatan and business line... Though I had some idea of certain funds but their articles and recommended funds confirms that we r on d right path
Karthik Raghu
Karthik Raghu@KarthikRaghu10
Read More
This site is brilliant... Started with one article and ended up reading four! Crystal clear, actionable and precise! All the best to your team.
Nithin Lakshmanan
Nithin Lakshmanan@nithin_lakshman
Read More
Fantastic initiative. Wonderful pricing! Thumbs up!👌🏽

Why PrimeInvestor?

Frequently Asked Questions

We do much more than just mutual funds. We research and cover the entire universe of personal finance products – deposits, bonds, ETFs and soon, we will have insurance, NPS and stocks.

Subscription fees are annual and can be set to renew automatically. We do not offer refunds during a period of subscription. However, renewals can be cancelled at any time.

The regulator discourages trials for such services. The package we offer is annual only. Our continuous engagement and alerts on our products also make an annual package more conducive for you, to maintain your investments in an easy and disciplined manner.

We will be covering stocks soon. But we do not provide tips. We will build simple, quality portfolios driven by fundamentals that you can maintain with ease. We will follow-up on them as we do with all our research products.

We will soon provide lists of good term insurance and medical insurance products that you can buy. We are not insurance agents. You can trust us to recommend the best products available and also warn you off bad products.

Yes, we will soon have an asset allocation and scheme recommendation product for NPS.

We do not offer execution services. We are not a transaction platform. Therefore, we do not manage your portfolio. What we will do is to help you manage your own portfolio efficiently. We make sure you are on top of the best products by providing you unbiased research, recommendations, portfolios and updates. We’ll equip you to take control of your own finances.

No. We are not agents or distributors or brokers of any products and do not receive commission or incentives in any form. We are a SEBI-registered Research Analyst offering only research services. We have no conflict of interest. We are loyal to our subscribers alone. 

We are not an execution platform. You can use any platform to execute your investments. We will make sure we alert you on when to make changes to your portfolio. Go to the FAQ section here if you wish to know some platform options.

We are not financial planners. We do not review individual portfolios. We believe that managing your own money is not rocket science. With some knowledge, simple tools like calculators, and regulated products that are researched and diligently followed up, you can build wealth without other paraphernalia. You can use our review tool to check how your funds are doing and write to us if you have any queries on our recommendations. Our updates, regular product reviews and alerts will make sure you know where to invest, when and what to exit, and when it is a good time to act on market movements or key events.

We are not financial planners. We are Research Analysts registered with SEBI. We won’t be providing one-on-one discussions over phone or email or other means to discuss your financial plan or investments at this time. We believe that managing your own money is well within your ability and our services and platform enable you to manage your own money without much effort. You can write to us if you have any questions about our products and recommendations. We’ll also be providing regular updates on all our recommendations and alerts so you will know when and if you should take action on your portfolio.

PrimeInvestor is not a content aggregation platform. We do not provide constant news services or analysis on every event that is happening. We are a researched-product platform for retail investment products.  We provide you with recommended product lists and ready-to-use portfolios, follow up on them, and provide strategies, reviews and alerts on market events that you can act on.  You are free to execute our recommendations on any platform. Your PrimeInvestor subscription will help you know whether you need to make any changes on the recommendations that we make and alerts you to any events that require action on your side.

Value Research and Morningstar  provide data that you can sift through to analyse funds and stocks and decide for yourself. We provide researched investment solutions – recommended list of deposits, mutual funds, ETFs besides packaged portfolios and themes that you can invest in, together with alerts and follow-ups. We are registered as ‘Research Analyst’ under SEBI. Mutual fund ratings is just one of the products we offer. Go here for more clarity on how our offerings are different from what you get anywhere!

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