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What our customers say about us...

Mandar Diwakar
Mandar Diwakar@MandarDiwakar
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Wish you all the very best. You are doing a great job of educating and guiding "do it yourself" investors like me. I feel proud to be a primeinvestor subscriber.
Sriram Murthy
Sriram Murthy@sriramaussie
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I subscribed and must say it's one of the best... @srikan2 and @AaratiKrishnan I have been following in various platforms like naanayam vikatan and business line... Though I had some idea of certain funds but their articles and recommended funds confirms that we r on d right path
Karthik Raghu
Karthik Raghu@KarthikRaghu10
Read More
This site is brilliant... Started with one article and ended up reading four! Crystal clear, actionable and precise! All the best to your team.
Nithin Lakshmanan
Nithin Lakshmanan@nithin_lakshman
Read More
Fantastic initiative. Wonderful pricing! Thumbs up!👌🏽
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