Investment planning 


To handhold you through your investment journey.

We regularly communicate with you to ensure you know when to act and when not to.

Weekly updates

  • Reviews of our recommendations: why we gave what we gave
  • Strategies: when to do what – in equity, debt and gold
  • Views: what we think of major events and whether you should act on them
  • New issues and products: when to invest and when to stay away
  • Trends: data crunching and takeaways on trends to help you understand markets and investments
Weekly calendar 
Desk calendar 

Quarterly updates

  • Reviews of our recommended lists of deposits, mutual funds and ETFs, with changes, if any, to keep it up-to-date
  • Review of our packaged portfolios, along with any rejigs that may be required to ensure that they stay on track
  • Quarterly changes to Prime Ratings

Timely alerts

  • Key events such as budgets or monetary policy, how and if they affect you, along with what to do
  • Sounding off on risks emerging in our recommended products, so you can take timely action when needed
Warning alert 

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