Prime offerings

Everything we do, everything we create, has one purpose - to help you invest with confidence.

Prime Funds

Our list of recommended mutual funds from different asset classes and categories. Driven by data and led by human intelligence. Simplified into buckets of risk and time frame, for you to pick with ease.

Prime funds

Prime Deposits

Fixated on fixed returns? No problem. Here’s our list of hand-picked fixed deposit products. This curated list seeks to keep it simple and safe for you! 

Prime ETFs

Actively interested in passive investing? Here’s a  selection of exchange traded funds with different styles and strategies. We make index investing a bit more interesting!

Prime ETFs 
Life stages 

Prime Portfolios

For every need, every situation, every goal, every aspiration – we have a portfolio for you! Our portfolios combine MFs, ETFs, deposits, and more to give you what’s best. You can ‘Follow’ portfolios to always stay updated.

Theme Park

Your idea, our solution! If you want to invest in a theme, sector, or strategy because you have the confidence, we’ll tell you the right MF and ETF way to do it. Take this walk if you want to add some zing to investing!

Theme Park 

Prime Ratings

Our in-house mutual fund ratings that allow you to check where your funds stand. Developed using unique and exhaustive metrics, our ratings makes sure you see what others miss!

And much more...


Review tool

Tell us your mutual fund holdings, and we will tell you our opinion on each fund - buy, sell, or hold!


Expert opinions from the top minds

Weekly strategies, reviews and opinions on markets and products from our expert research team.

App development 

Quarterly reviews

We review every recommendation and rating each quarter - your portfolio will always be up-to-date!


Alerts and updates

Alerts when key market events need your attention and action so you don't miss opportunities.

WITH more to come...

We will be adding more products including insurance, NPS and stocks in a phased manner. We will be covering every regulated product that we think will be useful to you – the investor

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