Prime Numbers

Useful calculators that will tell you how to reach your financial goals

Know how much to invest through SIP

If you have a targeted amount to reach in a certain number of years, please use this calculator to figure out how much SIP you would need to invest to get there.

Income generation 

What will your SIP get you?

If you assume a rate of return, how much will your current SIP portfolio turn into after a few years? Click to find out!

Education calculator

Education costs are going through the roof! Are you saving and investing enough to afford the dream college for your kids? Let’s find out!


Retirement calculator

Your golden years are waiting for you! How do you ready for them? Let’s do the math!

Any goal, SIP could get you there!

Whatever be your goal, an SIP portfolio could get you there comfortably. The question is how much and how long. Let’s sharpen the pencils and find out!

Emergency fund 
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