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Tax saving 

Tax saving portfolio

Want to minimise the taxman’s bite this year? Here are investments that will do the trick and leave some money in your pocket.


High-growth portfolio

If you can strap on the seat-belts and ride out the stock market roller-coaster, here’s an aggressive portfolio for high returns!

Financial growth

Income and growth portfolio

You need regular cash flows and yet can’t give up on growing your capital. Here’s a solution to help with your twin goals.

Rupee notes & coins

Regular income portfolio

Getting a regular income stream with limited risk is your top priority. Use our combo of deposits and low-risk debt funds to meet that need.


Capital preservation portfolio

You’ve made enough money and all you want is to protect it from crazy market swings. Here’s a low-risk, tax efficient portfolio.

Emergency fund 

Emergency portfolio

Want to build savings for a rainy day, be it a family emergency or a job loss? Stay at peace with this portfolio for a rainy day.

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