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The harder, longer route. But long-term pay-offs make it worthwhile.



Few stocks, high share. Go all-in on funds that take a concentrated approach.



No fund manager biases. Quantitative model decides the stocks.

High Yield 

High yield debt

If you know the risks and think high interest rates are right up your alley.

Blue chip 

Bluechip bond

Not ready for risks? Then stick with safety for steady returns.

Disclaimer: Sector and thematic investing is high risk. Invest in these only if you believe in the theme/ sector/ strategy. The funds/ETFs are drawn up based on their potential to deliver on the theme/strategy.  Your conviction in the theme/strategy and your risk profile and portfolio make up should determine whether to invest in these funds. To this extent, this short-listed set of funds is not advisory in nature. PrimeInvestor is a SEBI-registered research analyst firm. 

General disclosures and disclaimers



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