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Whether you’re a first-timer tentatively exploring the world of investing, an informed investor on the hunt for researched recommendations or a seasoned expert seeking a second opinion, we’re sure you’ll find PrimeInvestor great value-for-money.

Here’s a ready-reckoner to getting the most out of your annual subscriptions with us. Make sure you don’t miss out on any feature!  P.S.: Not signed-up yet? Please go here to see why you should!

A guide to using PrimeInvestor

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Here's more on what's in store for you...

  • Looking for plain-vanilla deposits that can give you a little extra over bank FDs? Check out Prime Deposits – our curated list of post office, corporate and NBFC deposits based on research into company finances. 
  • Unsure how to start investing towards a goal you have in mind? You’ll feel at home in our Prime Portfolios section, where you can access readymade portfolios made up of multiple products, tailored to your needs. All you’ll need is to know your own life situation, aspiration, need or time frame.
  • Once you’ve chosen a portfolio, don’t worry about tracking it. Click the Follow button and we’ll do it for you.
  • Bewildered by the large number of mutual funds and info thrown at you? Zip straight to Prime Funds and take your pick from our recommended list of funds backed by diligent research. You’ll be able to select equity and hybrid funds based on your risk appetite, debt funds based on your investment period and tax saving funds to meet your 80C needs. And we review these recommendations regularly so that you stay with the best.
  • Learn the ropes of investing and act when it is necessary to do so by tuning in to weekly insights, reviews, and videos.
  • Looking for fixed income products to fill up the debt portion of your asset allocation? Check out Prime Deposits – our list of researched post office, corporate and NBFC deposits selected based on their risk-reward ratios.
  • Keen on a review of the mutual funds you hold? Use Prime Review for our Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations. Also use Prime Ratings, our differentiated rating system to know where your funds stand vis-à-vis peers.
  • Done with deciding your asset allocation and looking for the best funds for your portfolio? Tune into Prime Funds for our recommended list of funds. Equity and hybrid funds are classified by risk profile, debt funds by maturity. We also have theme funds on the menu.
  • Have your financial goals all mapped out, but don’t know how to put the plan into action? Prime Portfolios is just the feature you’re looking for. We have ready-to-use portfolios for every goal, aspiration and time frame you can think of.
  • Worried you’re missing out on buying or exit opportunities because you can’t track your investments full-time? Don’t fret. Our Follow feature helps you track portfolios, so that you stay updated on the tweaks we’ll be making.
  • Convinced that the passive route is best for you given low costs and low dependency on the fund manager? Go to Prime ETFs for our short and sweet list of equity ETFs to fit both moderate risk and high-risk investors.
  • Do keep reading our weekly investment reviews and researched articles to get timely analysis of market-roiling events, and opportunities that crop up in all things investment-related.
  • You’ve been investing for years but would like a full-time research service to save you time on selecting products. Prime Funds arms you with a recommended list of mutual funds across asset classes. Choose equity and hybrid funds by your risk appetite, debt funds by your investing horizon. Add bells and whistles to your portfolio with strategy and theme funds.
  • Being a seasoned hand, you know that regular portfolio reviews are critical to water the flowers and demolish the weeds. Use Prime Review to know if the funds you own are rated Buy, Sell or Hold, at any given point in time. Also use Prime Ratings, our differentiated rating system that factors in performance, consistency and risks to know where your funds stand vis-à-vis peers.
  • Even if you have all your primary portfolios in place, Prime Portfolios can provide you with ready-to-use portfolios for any new need that may crop up. And let us take over the job of tracking with our Follow feature, which helps you receive alerts on tweaks we make to our portfolios to initiate timely action.
  • You’re convinced that active management is on the way out and that passive funds are your best bet to lower costs and keep up with markets. Log on to Prime ETFs for our shortlisted set of equity ETFs for both moderate and high risk appetites.
  • You track the markets like a hawk and love to piggyback on tactical opportunities. Well, if you have a theme you’re convinced about, we have just the portfolios that can help you play it. Check out Theme Parks section for interesting and opportunistic portfolios.
  • Pride yourself on keeping up-to-the-minute in the world of investing? Read our high-quality weekly articles that dissect key events, provide asset class views and give you a heads-up on great products and opportunities across asset classes.

Still have questions? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you!

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