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Latest articles from PrimeInvestor

Prime Recommendation: A lesser-known equity fund for uncertain times

When uncertainty is the name of the game today, investing in an equity fund may not be at the top of your to-do list. But for long-term investors, markets like these offer good buying opportunities. For such investors, a multi-cap fund that uses a core of large-cap stocks and adds returns by selectively picking mid-cap and small-cap stocks will serve well.

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Quarterly review: What’s changing in Prime Deposits

These are extraordinary times for fixed income investors. Interest rates, after recent rate cuts by the MPC, are ruling at lows not seen in the last two decades. The repo rate of 4.4% today is even below levels seen during the global financial crisis. Keeping all this in mind, we have made significant changes to our curated list of deposits. Here are the three key sets of changes to the list and why we made them.

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Prime Strategy: 3 funds to beat the low-interest rate regime

While you can still seek solace in small savings schemes, at this juncture select pockets of debt funds also offer opportunities for those with a minimum 2-3-year time frame. We have therefore crafted a portfolio of 3 funds for you to optimally take exposure to quality credit and gain from a rate fall.

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RBI package – What’s in it for you

Repo and reverse repo rate cut, asymmetric LAF corridor, Long Term Repo Operations, moratorium. With words like these used freely in RBI’s package announced on Friday, ordinary borrowers and investors may be wondering if they have anything to cheer about. If you’ve been puzzled too, here are the measures explained in plain English.

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Prime Views: What should you do with your investments now?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received several questions from you on performance of the funds you hold, and what the course of action should be. In both debt and equity, recent returns have given enough cause for worry. So we’re listing out various categories of investments you may holding which are seeing volatility, and what you should do about them.

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In emergencies, liquidity is king

The COVID-19 outbreak in India is wreaking unforeseen damage on household finances by leading to runaway expenses, interrupted incomes and a heightened risk of job losses. This has served to underline that an emergency or contingency fund should be the starting point of any financial planning exercise. But how large should this contingency fund be and where should it be invested? This crisis offers a few lessons.

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