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About us 

What does Prime stand for?

Professionalism: A professional team of qualified experts (See our team page)

Recommendatory: Actionable calls that help you decide

Investors First: A subscription-based model that places investors above product sellers 

Meticulous Research: Which blends quantitative, qualitative and forward-looking insights to come up with pragmatic solutions 

Experience:  Backed by decades of experience in tracking, researching, interacting with investors, and personally investing in market products

PrimeInvestor is an unbiased, independent, personal finance  research platform from Redwood Research. Our aim is to empower you with simple, meaningful and actionable insights, recommendations, and solutions to build wealth for all your aspirations and financial needs. 

Importantly, we don’t just stop at giving one-time solutions – we will regularly follow up and re-evaluate these and alert you. This will ensure you stay with the right products and your portfolios stay in great shape.

We earn zero commissions or incentives from product providers. We will rely on subscription fees from you, our investors. That keeps us free of bias and conflicts of interest. 

This no-commission model helps us discover the best products and assets for you from across the spectrum, be it mutual funds, bonds, NCDs, NPS, fixed deposits, post office schemes or insurance products. Incentives from product firms don’t drive us.


The idea of offering PrimeInvestor as a platform service was born from the following observations about the Indian market place and your needs, as investors:

  • DIY (Do-it-yourself) investing is on the rise, with fintech platforms making it easy to transact online and regulators promoting direct plans. But without adequate time to devote to research, DIY investing can go wrong. We plan to solve this problem by offering independent, high-quality, simple, and actionable research on a subscription basis.
  • There are dedicated mutual fund platforms, stock platforms and insurance platforms. But there is no research platform covering all these products where you can quickly and easily find advice and solutions to fit your every need.
  • Quality research and alerts on new products are today accessible only to affluent investors with personal wealth managers. We want to change that.
  • Investment tips from unstructured channels are short-term and lack a research process. Rating platforms and the media offer recommendations, but with little accountability or follow-up. We plan to hand-hold you every step of the way.
  • Awareness that agents and advisors may not always act in your best interest. You may want a second opinion on the advice you receive.

Our philosophy

  • We aim to become the most trusted name in personal finance research in India.
  • We will not earn any income in any form from product manufacturers whether through commissions, incentives, advertising or junkets. Our subscription-only model incentivizes us to be loyal to our customers and not product manufacturers. Our only focus will be the financial wellness of our customers.
  • We will call a spade a spade. We will not only ferret out the best investment products for you to invest in, but also warn you off popular products in the market that are inefficient or plain bad.
We are passionate about our work because we understand how much is at stake for you when it comes to money. Our mission is to make your financial decisions simpler, make you feel financially more confident and your future brighter through diligent research.
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