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You can save as much as 2% by going for direct plans. You don’t need to worry about going wrong because we’re here to tell you what to do and what not to.

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Your advisors or RMs won't tell you about great, but lesser known products. With us, you will be aware of everything that’s worth your money.

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Prime Strategy: 3 funds to beat the low-interest rate regime

While you can still seek solace in small savings schemes, at this juncture select pockets of debt funds also offer opportunities for those with a minimum 2-3-year time frame. We have therefore crafted a portfolio of 3 funds for you to optimally take exposure to quality credit and gain from a rate fall.

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RBI package – What’s in it for you

Repo and reverse repo rate cut, asymmetric LAF corridor, Long Term Repo Operations, moratorium. With words like these used freely in RBI’s package announced on Friday, ordinary borrowers and investors may be wondering if they have anything to cheer about. If you’ve been puzzled too, here are the measures explained in plain English.

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Prime Views: What should you do with your investments now?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve received several questions from you on performance of the funds you hold, and what the course of action should be. In both debt and equity, recent returns have given enough cause for worry. So we’re listing out various categories of investments you may holding which are seeing volatility, and what you should do about them.

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Mandar Diwakar
Mandar Diwakar@MandarDiwakar
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Wish you all the very best. You are doing a great job of educating and guiding "do it yourself" investors like me. I feel proud to be a primeinvestor subscriber.
Sriram Murthy
Sriram Murthy@sriramaussie
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I subscribed and must say it's one of the best... @srikan2 and @AaratiKrishnan I have been following in various platforms like naanayam vikatan and business line... Though I had some idea of certain funds but their articles and recommended funds confirms that we r on d right path
Karthik Raghu
Karthik Raghu@KarthikRaghu10
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This site is brilliant... Started with one article and ended up reading four! Crystal clear, actionable and precise! All the best to your team.
Nithin Lakshmanan
Nithin Lakshmanan@nithin_lakshman
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Fantastic initiative. Wonderful pricing! Thumbs up!👌🏽

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